Please note: NAN Ranch does not offer live reservations online. Please email or call 575-288-3568. We want to be sure your questions are answered and our different accommodations are offered to you, so you have the best possible experience here.

See Rates, Below.

Rates shown are per night. Maximum length of rental agreement is two weeks (14 days).  Rental rates are subject to change without notice. Rental rate of multiple accommodations along with Lodge or Ranch House may be reduced, but is not guaranteed to be discounted. All rental agreements are ultimately executed as turnkey contracts for the total sum based on published and/or negotiated rates; security deposits, additional services and availabilities, and more. New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax of 6.5625% is added.

NAN Ranch Rates


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Please contact us for information, or contact us to make your rental arrangements and reservations.

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We will help you arrange your visit to NAN Ranch and we are glad to work with you to quote on combinations of accommodations, special arrangements, and events. We are also glad to discuss any aspect of your proposed stay.



Conditions of Rental Options at the NAN Ranch

The NAN Ranch is an agricultural property with large areas of wild terrain. Cattle ranching is conducted at the Ranch. Associated activities include but are not limited to heavy equipment operation, irrigation, predator control, and animal husbandry. The rental premises are neither separated nor protected from these activities or from the presence of wild animals. Wildlife that may be dangerous to humans or pets live on the ranch. This includes but is not limited to bears, coyotes, wildcats, javelina (collared peccaries), deer, elk, antelope, rattlesnakes, badgers, raccoons, skunks, stinging insects and arachnids, hawks, owls, and others. While all of these animals will avoid contact with humans if possible, they may attack under some circumstances. It is the responsibility of each individual to acquire general knowledge of how to avoid injury in contact with wildlife.

The climate, terrain, and fauna also may represent danger to humans. Renters and guests must protect themselves against sun exposure in all seasons. The extremely dry climate requires extra supplies of water, and anyone leaving the headquarters for trails on foot or in vehicles must take ample backup water. The terrain features steep inclines, rocks, boulders, and gravelly surfaces that pose falling risk. Sturdy shoes or boots with soles that protect the feet and stand up to harsh terrain should be worn at all times outside the headquarters. Many native plants have thorns or barbed needles, and some are poisonous if ingested. It is the responsibility of each individual to use caution to avoid mishap in the environment.

All rentals of housing at the NAN Ranch, all use of NAN Ranch premises, equipment, trails, roads, developed areas, undeveloped terrain, furniture, furnishings, and any NAN Ranch property are always at the risk of the lessee and by extension of his or her guests. All parties renting NAN Ranch premises must accept these terms, sign an agreement to that effect, and indemnify NAN Ranch, its owners, and its employees against any claims for injury, loss, or death of themselves, their guests (whether staying at the ranch or day guests), or any person or party on the premises at their request or with their permission.