Excellent accommodations, thousands of acres where wild lands and historical ranch lands meet make NAN Ranch a peerless destination.

An historic cattle enterprise since mining days, when Apaches raided and Buffalo Soldiers garrisoned nearby to keep the Home_TwoChairspeace, and the Lassiter Brothers needed dozens of cowboys to run the livestock — the NAN Ranch of yesterday and today lives in the Mimbres Valley of southwestern New Mexico. Today's headquarters are still the base of NAN Ranch where operations began in the early 1880s, although most of the buildings here today date back to the 1910s and 1920s.

The wild Mimbres River traverses diverse habitat throughout this Ranch that is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Ranch is considered an early Mogollon Culture Site as a result of years of extensive investigation of Mimbreňo culture, AD 600 to 1140. Archaeologists excavated pottery from this site, now in the Western New Mexico University Museum, creating the largest collection of Mimbreňo pottery anywhere.

Unique and unforgettable experiences are in store for every kind of visitor, hikers, bicyclists, nature lovers, bird watchers, lawn squatters, poolside loungers, picnickers, readers, writers, photographers, kids, adults . . . everyone. Rental of the NAN Ranch houses, cabins, or apartments includes your registered party's access to the 80-acre headquarters and many thousands of NAN Ranch acres of rangeland, canyons, spring-fed creeks and dry arroyos, rock cliffs, and Mimbres River.