Rental Policies

General Rental Information [ General Rental Info PDF ]
When you rent a house, cabin, or apartment at the NAN Ranch, you are free to use it as you would your home. Should you discover any furnishing or item of equipment you'd expect in a home to be unavailable or missing, please ask your hosts. We want to do our best to accommodate you.
Kitchens, Bedding, Furnishings and Equipment.
The home, apartments, cabins and lodge on the NAN Ranch are family homes, and are furnished and provisioned for family members and their guests. NAN Ranch Cattle Company does not warrant that access, equipment and furnishings quality, or any other feature of our homes will be as in your home or as expected. If you have special or specific needs or questions about such matters as kitchen equipment, linens, basic supplies, furniture, or anything else, please call the ranch before your visit and ask. Within reasonable limits, we will make every attempt to provide what you need.

  • All accommodations are supplied with sheets, towels, and comforters, bedspreads and/or blankets. More blankets are available on request. We provide multiple towels per bathroom and ask that you help us conserve by re-using them. On request, we may provide a reasonable quantity of additional towels.
  • NAN Ranch does not supply housekeeping (maid) service during your stay. The houses and cabins are thoroughly cleaned after each rental, and are inspected thoroughly before your arrival. On notice of deficiency or housekeeping emergency, we will certainly attend to a housekeeping issue, but we do not provide maid service. Each accommodation is provided with basic cleaning equipment: mop, broom, disinfectant. Hosts can advise on washing machines.
  • Paper goods: NAN Ranch provides a starter-supply of paper towels and toilet paper. If you will need more than is provided, please consider this a grocery item for your list.
  • Groceries: NAN Ranch does not provide or serve food for rentals. Both Deming and Silver City have WalMarts, and Silver City has some additional choices. Each of these two towns is about 45 minutes away, and there are no closer sources. Bringing some basic groceries with you is a good idea.
  • As the homes rented are family homes and used by various family members, we may store left-behind items such as salt, pepper, spices, and occasionally canned goods in the pantries or cabinets. You are welcome to use what it is left in the house, but we do not guarantee its freshness or safety.
  • We maintain a few non-perishables and a freezer with prepared frozen foods for emergencies. If you have an urgent situation and cannot get to a grocery store, you may use what you need and reimburse the ranch. We do not maintain a store, but our remoteness can be a challenge.

Kitchens are fully equipped. The Lodge has a propane range, microwave, refrigerators, and a good assortment of tools, pots, and pans. The Rancher's House has an upscale kitchen with built-in Thermador appliances and a wide assortment of tools, pots and pans. Both of these houses also have a standard coffeemaker and Keurig coffeemaker. The bunkhouse cabins have electric ranges, microwaves, and refrigerators, and standard coffee makers. All houses have dishes and flatware, bowls, and so on for serving. If an item you want is not found in your kitchen, please ask for it. If we can, we will provide it. If we cannot, we apologize.


Your pets are welcome at the Bunkhouse Cabins and in the Downstairs Patio Apartment. These accommodations have concrete or tile floors. The Lodge has some rugs, but with notification and permission rugs may be removed to allow Lodge use by guests with pets. A non-refundable additional cleaning fee is charged for each pet that stays in NAN Ranch accommodations.
Pets Outdoors

  • Because some other guests may not be as enthusiastic about your pets as you are, and because some very nice pets behave oddly in new circumstances, the NAN Ranch requires that you control your pet by leash or other means at all times.
  • Any damage done by your pet will be billed to the credit card retained on your rental.
  • There are skunks near the headquarters that sometimes come in the yard. Almost all dogs will be curious about a skunk, and if not controlled will chase it or challenge it. A skunk will spray in these instances. NEVER let a skunked dog inside before thoroughly bathing it and treating the odor. If your pet is sprayed by a skunk and subsequently damages furniture or bedding by spreading the fluid/odor into it, you will be billed for all cleaning or replacement that may ultimately be required. [ Avoiding Skunks ]
  • You are responsible to clean up your pet's feces as soon as possible within the headquarters area. A guest and his/her pet may be asked to leave if this is neglected.
  • In unimproved areas, you are responsible to remove pet feces from roadways or pathways.
  • There are poisonous snakes on the ranch, and sometimes even in the headquarters area. A town dog may be very curious about a snake. Be aware of the appearance and warning sounds of rattlesnakes. [ Avoiding Snakes ]
  • Other animals may frighten your pet, or your pet may chase an animal out of your sight and control. You must consider this a continuing possibility. Squirrels, deer, elk, turkeys, javelina, skunks, raccoons, badgers, and owls may all be dangerous to a pet.
  • There are barn cats at the NAN Ranch. They are here to keep the rodent population down. Please control your pets around the cats.

Renting Multiple Accommodations

The NAN Ranch does not have a static policy on pricing for renting multiple houses, cabins or apartments for large groups. These cases will be quoted individually, and pricing will depend on number of people, houses requested, and other factors.
Headquarters Facilities: Pool, Patios, Lawns, Etc.
Except on rare occasions when renters of the Rancher's House may choose a privacy upgrade, which may only be elected if other houses are not already reserved, all rental parties will have access to the swimming pool, spa (if available), lawns, and all other outdoor areas and facilities during their stay. However, the patio between the Rancher's House and Patio Apartments remains private to parties renting those accommodations. If the owners are in residence at the Big House and have closed the gates to the back yard of that house, it will also remain private. Please close any gates you find closed, and leave open any that you find open. Off-limits areas include any other guests' rented accommodations; unoccupied accommodations unless guided by ranch host; equipment, tool, and supply rooms, whether locked or unlocked; any area within ten feet of a septic tank or trash disposal area; any occupied corral; owners' garages; storage rooms or barns, whether locked or unlocked, except as expressly offered by ranch host. When you arrive, your hosts will show you where chairs and outdoor games are stored. You may use recreational materials and furnishings. Games or game paraphernalia should be returned after use.

In a dry climate, any fire is potentially a danger, and must be tended properly. At the headquarters, there are fire pits and chimeneas (pottery fireplaces) and receptacles for ash. Hosts can give further information. In cold seasons, hosts will provide fuel and instructions for Rancher's House and Lodge Fireplaces. There are no indoor fireplaces at the Bunkhouse. No fires may be set anywhere else on the ranch without express permission and host assistance. DO NOT dispose of burning cigarettes, cigarette butts, or other flammable objects anywhere on the ranch. Smoking is not allowed in the accommodations. Smokers may request sand buckets for outdoor use.

Damage or Missing Items

NAN Ranch Cattle Co. LLC expects that means you will take reasonable care not to damage furniture, furnishings, walls, floors and fixtures. Each house and its furnishings, fixtures, fittings, including inside cabinets, closets, and drawers, is video-inventoried after each rental contract and again after cleaning. Dishes, glassware, pots, pans, flatware and towels are counted. We understand that breakable things sometimes break, and that appliances, kitchen tools, and other things can also be broken even with ordinary use. We do not seek to charge or penalize a renter for ordinary breakage or damage. We expect immediate notification of any major damage or problems with major appliances, fixtures or systems. Beyond ordinary breakage, we will bill you for missing or abused items using the credit card information retained for that purpose.
See [ Liability and Releases ] below.
Ranch Roads, Pastures, Canyons, Trails, Unimproved Sections of the Ranch

  • All access and use of the unimproved and remote parts of the ranch is undertaken at the renter's or guest's own risk, or at the risk of the indemnified adult. Guests are advised that in wild country there may be substantial risk of accident, injury, or death.
  • All activities at or beyond the ranch headquarters are undertaken at the renter's or guest's own risk, or at the risk of the indemnified adult.
  • As a renter or guest you may access the unimproved and remote parts of the ranch on foot, may ride your own horses, or may ride your own bicycles on or off-road.
  • You may access the unimproved and remote parts of the ranch in your own high-clearance or all-terrain vehicles by ranch road ONLY. NO powered vehicles may go off-road on the NAN Ranch.
  • Renters and guests should take cell phones with them when they leave the headquarters. Although there is little or no signal at the houses, there is reception from most hilltops. In any emergency you should call 911 and the ranch host.
  • You should advise ranch hosts of your on-ranch plans or leave word in your accommodation, in case you are late returning.
  • Never approach livestock or wild animals under any circumstances.


The NAN Ranch does not offer camping outfitting at this time. However, renters of our houses or cabins may camp on unimproved areas of the ranch at approved locations, with permission. Renters' parties may camp in tents, RVs, horse rigs, etc., on approved locations near the headquarters with permission, though large numbers of people in addition to a rented house or cabin's capacity will incur an additional charge. See Fires, above.
Liability and Releases
  • One individual over the age of 21 for each party must sign an agreement accepting general liability for damage to any property of the NAN Ranch or of other renters. That person's credit card information will be retained as security.
  • Each person over the age of 18 who intends to visit the NAN Ranch with a rental party must sign an agreement indemnifying him/herself for his/her injury or death on ranch property.
  • A person over the age of 21 must sign an agreement indemnifying him/herself for the injury or accidental death of EACH minor person who intends to stay at the NAN Ranch with a rental party.
  • NAN Ranch Cattle Company, LLC and H&B Properties, Inc. do not accept responsibility for any accident, injury, or accidental death that occurs on the NAN Ranch. Every member of a rental party is responsible for his or her own safety.
  • Our liability-related releases are linked on the [ Reservations ] page.


Because the NAN is working ranch and not a resort, dude ranch, or hotel, NAN Ranch Cattle Company LLC manages the property for cattle, not primarily for people. While the ranch works hard to avoid any obviously dangerous situation, we do not warrant guests' safety in the same way hotel or resort properties would. Houses and cabins are not in secured or fenced settings. A responsible person MUST ALWAYS keep within sight and within reach if necessary ANY children, pets, or anyone who is unable to judge or see potential hazards. Among the potentially dangerous aspects of the ranch are sharp tools stored or used outside; chemicals and poisons in storage; irrigation ditches that a person might fall into and be injured or drowned; the swimming pool; holes in the dirt from such pests as moles; stock gate latches and hinges that might pinch people's fingers; barbed wire; uneven ground or pavement; rocks to trip on; tree limbs; wildlife; certain birds; livestock; stinging insects; fall hazards including heights, precipices and loose gravel on rocky inclines; water in ditches, streams and arroyos, particularly in flood; lightning; dangerous and/or spiny plants such as various cacti; mesquite; devil's claw; cholla; agave; and numerous other things. Survival in remote desert and canyons requires awareness and caution. You are in charge of your safety. Animals that might be dangerous are many. They include rattlesnakes, certain spiders and insects, badgers, coyotes, javelina, skunks, raccoons, owls, hawks, deer, elk, bears, and mountain lions. There are few bears and mountain lions, as each of these needs a large range area, but you should be aware of the potential. Snakes are seldom at the headquarters, but are occasionally seen. Notify a ranch host if you see a rattlesnake, and leave all animals alone. Please take some time to review useful and interesting information about [ animals of southwestern New Mexico ] and the Mimbres Valley, as well as [ plants that might be dangerous ], including cactus that can cause spiny plant injuries, which might be minor but might ruin your trip - as well, there are plants that are hazardous if eaten.

 Archaeological Sites and Artifacts

The [ Mimbreňo Culture ] thrived in the Mimbres River Valley for at least a millennium before migrating away due to drought and famine. Though many beautiful and scientifically important artifacts and remains have been excavated from the NAN Ranch Ruin and the Swartz Ruin, there is little to be seen on the ground. Archaeologists have preserved the sites, which are not open to renters or guests, by backfilling their excavations. There are petroglyphs at certain locations on the NAN Ranch. You may walk or hike to these petroglyphs, but they are important artifacts, and may not be disturbed. NAN owners and employees inspect these sites frequently. Should you encounter any artifacts such as arrowheads, axes, or pottery shards on your walks or hikes, please photograph them and leave them where they are. They are the property of the ranch, and the owners' policy is to leave any artifact in place.

 Access for Disabled Persons

The NAN Ranch is a historic property and all of our family's houses date to 1928 or prior. There is no standard access for a person in a standard wheelchair. Many wheelchairs and walkers will fit through the existing doors, but we expect a person in a wheelchair will need a more fully-abled person on hand for assistance. One of our family members uses a wheeled walker, and is able to move freely throughout the interiors, though she appreciates help at most entrances.

  • Most interior and exterior doors in the Bunkhouse Cabins and the Lodge are 28" or 30".
  • Access to the Bunkhouse Cabins is only by a step up to 28" doors.
  • Access to the Lodge is by steps to a 36" door, steps to a 28" door, or by a steep ramp (not wheelchair-friendly) to a 28" door. From the 36" entrance, wider openings are available to the kitchen and food service areas and living rooms. One bathroom and shower have easy and open access, though the bathroom door is only 28".
  • Doors throughout the Rancher's House are 34" and 36", but there is no level, ramped, or otherwise chair-accessible entry. One back door has a very shallow step up.
  • The Downstairs Patio Apartment is the only accommodation with a level entry point. It has a tiled floor throughout and the shower has better-than-usual access via a very low curb. We can supply a shower chair. This apartment does have one step up to its living room, but the bath, kitchenette, and bedroom require virtually no stepping up.
  • Most pathways and driveways are barrier free throughout the ranch Headquarters, though some pathways are of packed gravel or dirt. Many vehicle trails, especially near the headquarters, are smooth and barrier free as well.

If your family or group includes a person using a wheelchair or one who has limited mobility, we encourage you to call and discuss his or her needs and limitations. We will be glad to help make their visit possible.